WeLcoMe tO BeRrY gaRdEN !!!

SWeEt aND SoUR !!

Addicted !!!!!
ahhhh, long time no see ......

how r u? , everything ok?

I'm really sorry ne , my work was sooo busy T^T

I miz u all , (actually, only one who read my blog is.... Alizamaria chan !!!! lol /Thank Q so much)

ummm, what will I talking about? how about this?

my fav. band now!!Collapse )

how about u? what's ur fav. band? ^^v

on Sat. , I went to my colleague wedding ^^

photoCollapse )

luv u <3 /Berry
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Ma-kham is my cat , I've got her for long time ago (maybe 6-7 years)

Ma-kham is mean Tamarind seed XD , cause her colour is as same as Tamarind

I don't know what's kind of her? lol wwww

maybe ... snowshoes XD (one of her legs is white , but just only one lol)

or siamese cat? Ovo

whatever , having her in my life was so joyful wwwwww * patted her *

ma-kham ^^Collapse )
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Happy Birthday ^^v
Happy birthday Rametan (ba. ex. vidoll)

happi happi ne !!!!~ kyaaaa >////<

I've never forget vidoll TvT


Hellooooooooooooooo !!!!!!
Hi, dear friends

anybody here? lol wwwww

long loooooong time no update here

I feel guilty , it's my fault , plz forgive me! TvT

ah, I luv LJ sooo much

and I miz my belove friends here , do u still remember me?

or nobody here? becoz of FB , Twitter? T^T

I just feel disappointed with FB , so I had reture here << * sound bad XD *

btw , let's start new berry again

I luv & alway waiting for u all ne!! * kiz kiz *

Hi , all dear friends

Ah, Berry desu , long long time no see ne! how about u ?

I’m back now! , ahahahaha xD

I can’t believed that I leave my LJ died again & again !!! ^^’’

(Believe it! , U did it a lot!!!/Friends , hahaha xD)

Well , I’m So So So freaking much sorry ne

Many things happens to me in a few months ago
* combination with good & bad U_U’’ *

I really need to talk to u in everything but it’s too many , so …
I’ll choose which one that is my most extreme impressed!! UvU

It is …… * drum beat * !!!!!!!!!!

SUG (Vk band from PSC) has came to THAILAND !!!!!!! \^_^/

There no Vk/J-rock band come to Thailand IN AGE! -*-

So , We (all vk fans) were very very HAPPY & EXCITED !!! >///<

I thought they come for promoted their new Single “ Life2die “

Or else? , (don’t know also?)

whatever , this is the details ^w^Collapse )

I heard other Sug’s fans said they had planed to go to many places
(ex. Zoo, Shopping Mall , etc.)

But I can’t follow them at all time! -_-‘’

Anyway, It’s really happy that I can spend a life 1 day with SUG’s member ^^ hahaha xD

They’re sooooooo pretty much cute & I hope they’ll come back here again in the future!

* pray to God >/\<*

Finally , I’ll try to update my LJ ATLEAST once in a month!

(Just complain to me if I can’t keep the promise ne ^^’’ )

I am still the same Baka_Berry-kei!

And my LJ is willing to welcome new friends , just talk! Okie?

Luv U all around , Kiz & Hug !!! Bai Bai/Berry desu ^v^

P.S. PSC rule didn’t allow for any visualization (ex. Photo , Vdo.)

So, I don’t have any pic of them to show u! Y_Y

Uruha (cos) & Jui (luv)
Wowowowowowow !!!!

Time to update! ^^

I’m back , has anyone miss me? , hahaha xD

Becoz recently , I’m free & boring , so …. I had cos Uruha on last Sunday

Berry as Uruha (Stacked Rubbish)Collapse )

OH! , I got something to tell u sooooooo badly , guys

Jui-sama came to Thailand !!!!!! >________<

According to his blog , He seem to interesting in Thailand
ex. Dreaming that he come to Thai TV. Show ,
have Thai dinner with his friends , ^^

then , I was talking playfully with my friends that will he come to Thailand?

And it’s become true !!!!! \^o^/

See this… ^_^Collapse )

AH ! , I was so happy!!! * died becoz of happiness *


Lastly , I hope he will come back to Thailand again , and invite his band-mate too!! Hahahahaha xD UvU

Ok, I must go , Luv u all my dear ^3^ * hug all around *


I am free now!

How are u all? How have u been? How have u done? How’s everything?

I let my LJ die twice I promise it hasn’t the 3rd ! , hahaha xD =v=

Whatever , my training course was over last month , now my life is free !!! * Yeah *

But the hardest thing waiting for me is , FINDING A REAL JOB! T^T * scared *

I’ll enjoy every moment while I still be free!

Fu! U_U’’ <3 * sigh * , being adult is really make me feel down….

Well , let the misery feeling gone , hahaha xD

Let talk about what I got into recently! ^v<

Ta daaaaaaaa ~~~~ ^^Collapse )

Awesome! , isn’t? hahaha xD

Oh, other story made me doki~doki is…

I luv vk-ism !!!!!!!!(esp. Gazette & Vidoll)Collapse )

Ok, I think it’s enough already
Miz u all , my dear friends

“ Don’t forget me ne! T_T “

If I didn’t visit your LJ , it doesn’t mean I don’t care u anymore!

I just have no time! ToT , yeah … time is really treasure =[]=

Luv u * kisu * ^3^ /Berry desu

Happy (lated) New Year! ^^v''
ducky wear glasses
Happy (lated) New Year !!!!! \ ^o^ /

Akemashite Omedetou Gosaimasu !!! \^o^/

สวัสดีปีใหม่ 2552 !!! \^o^/

I wish the words “ nothing “ won’t happened in your life!

Got it?

It’s pretty philosophy , becoz I’m Buddhist
This sentence is from famous Buddhist priest who my family respect him

Ah, Happy New Year !!! Collapse )

It’s too late TvT , cause I’m quite busy!

Anyway, I need to say this to u again & again , year after year … I luv u all !!!! TvT

Good luck , my luv! ^3^ /Berry

Me and J-Trend Sat. 6 DEC. 2008
uruha got a light
* swap the dusts *

My LJ was die already! , I’ll wake it up ^^’’

Hahahahaha XD

Berry desu, how are u my precious friends?

Now I have no free time as much as previous T^T

Cause I’m in training course for graduation ,
& when I’m done… I must find a real job! -_-‘’

fu, <3 U_U’’ being adult was very responsibilities & complicated -_-‘’

working in training course isn’t as hard as I thought , it’s chill ! ^^v

but I hate wake up in the early morning & go home on time in everyday

* sniff *

I need wake up & sleep late , go/did everywhere I want to ….

Too much? O_o’’

Ok, throw serious stuff away , come to see my story now! ^v<

Sat. 6 , I went to J – Trend (monthly cosplay events)

Sadly , I have no time to making my new cos, so I just walk around to see other cos!

Sadly 2nd , there have no J-rock cos at all!! O_o’’ hahaha XD
(mostly are anime & game cos)

Finally, I just found...Collapse )

That’s all!


Noooooo !!!!! I have other pic for u! ^v<

it's me!Collapse )

Actually, I didn’t like taking a photo unless cosplay

But my many friends always ask me about “ My No Make Pic “

Well, here u are! Hope u all like it ne…. hahahahaha XD ^^

Ok, time to say good bye , miz u so badly ne , my dear friends! ^3^

P.S. yeahhhh!!!! * forgotten *

Have u ever read this comic?Collapse )

If u haven’t read it , just try! (it’s very suitable with cat lover ^v<)

Bye ^_^


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